How-to: My Facial Sculpting Wand

How-to: My Facial Sculpting Wand

by MDO on Oct 07, 2021

What is the Facial Sculpting Wand and how does it maximize the results of your skincare?

The Facial Sculpting Wand is Dr. Simon Ourian's go-to skin perfecting tool. It uses breakthrough nanometer technology and 6.000 vibrations per minute to: 

  • Restore firmness
  • Improve skin elasticity 
  • Boost the effectivness of our ampoule concentrates 
  • Promote blood circulation for a lifted and fresher appearance
Watch my video now and let me tell you more about my Facial Sculpting Wand

How-to use the Facial Sculpting Wand?

  1. Cleanse your face
  2. Apply product of your choice to create a smooth base for the wand. You can use all kinds of products as a base for the wand. For example, all our Ampoules, The Serum, and the Moisturizer work perfectly.
  3. Start at the jawline, gently push the bar upwards along your cheekbones towards your temples
  4. Repeat all over your face until your skin has absorbed the product 
  5. Use upwards movements to promote the lifting effect and avoid pushing downwards
  6. For optimal results, repeat daily for 10-15 minutes 

Want to find out how Simon exactly uses the Facial Sculpting Wand?

Head over to our @mdoskin Instagram account to the filter section and try the GLOW ROUTINE in your story! The arrows are showing you exactly how to sculpt your face the right way.

How to keep your Facial Sculpting Wand shiny and new?

After every use, clean the wand with warm water and use a towel to dry completely.