Holiday Complexion Care

Skincare Sets with Magical Savings

Experience the magic of the holiday season with our exclusive Skincare Sets. These thoughtfully curated sets offer you the perfect opportunity to indulge in luxury skincare or surprise a loved one with a gift that truly shines.

Unlock the secrets to glowing skin and enjoy significant savings by choosing our sets over individual products.

Top 3 Beloved Skincare Gift Sets

5-star rated by our #MDOSkinclub Community!
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Iconic Transformation Set

⭐️ Why our customers love it: Customers can't get enough of the Iconic Transforming Set. With the nourishing Cleansing Milk, the exfoliating 10% AHA Exfoliant, and the Pro-Collagen Refining Serum, it's the secret to smoother, more refined skin. It's no wonder it's an iconic favorite.

🎁 Why it's the perfect gift: This set is the perfect gift for anyone looking to revitalize their skincare routine. The products in this set work in harmony to reveal a more youthful and radiant complexion, making it an ideal present for someone who values timeless beauty.

Worth €310

Boost Set

⭐️ Why our customers love it: Our customers adore the Boost Set for its transformative power. Packed with Hyaluronic Filler Ampoules, Vitamin C Glow Ampoules, Powerful EGF Ampoules, and the Intense Hydrating Moisturizer, it's a complete skincare regimen that delivers unparalleled hydration, radiance, and rejuvenation.

🎁 Why it's the perfect gift: The Boost Set is the perfect gift to give or receive. Not only does it offer a luxurious skincare experience, but its versatile ampoules and moisturizer are suitable for all skin types, making it a delightful present that's cherished by anyone seeking radiant and healthy skin.

Worth €259

Supreme Hyaluronic Filler Set

⭐️ Why our customers love it: Our customers cherish the Supreme Hyaluronic Filler Set for its focus on hydration and rejuvenation. Featuring the Hyaluronic Eye Cream, Hyaluronic Filler Ampoules, and the Intense Hydrating Moisturizer, it's a top choice for those seeking a moisture boost and a youthful glow.

🎁 Why it's the perfect gift: It's the perfect gift for someone looking to indulge in the luxury of supreme hydration. Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, this set offers a complete hydration solution for the eyes and face, ensuring plump, luminous skin throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Simon's Holiday Season Tip:

Embrace the holiday spirit with a skincare ritual that includes the products from our beloved sets.

Start with a gentle exfoliation using our 10% AHA Exfoliant, then apply our Pro-Collagen Refining Serum for a rejuvenating boost. Don't forget to pamper your eyes with the Hyaluronic Eye Cream. Finish with the Intense Hydrating Moisturizer, combined with one of our ampoules like the Hyaluronic Filler Ampoules, for a touch of luxury.

This pampering routine will help you look and feel your best during this festive season, and it's a gift you truly deserve.

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