What's so special about my Intense Hydrating Moisturizer?

What's so special about my Intense Hydrating Moisturizer?

by MDO on Mar 14, 2022

I promise this is the best treatment you can find to hydrate your skin with powerful anti-aging effects.

Enriched with macadamia nut oil, sesame oil and avocado oil, my Intense Hydrating Moisturizer combines the benefits of these natural oils effectively for incredible results you'll love. Experience intense anti-aging repair, replenishment and long-lasting 24h hydration.

Intense Hydrating Moisturizer

My moisturizer is full of natural oils which are true super-boosters for your skin. They contain lipids similar to those in the skin, which develop double the power when used in your skincare routine. They can sustainably improve the skin barrier and accelerate the skins natural regeneration process. 

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So, what are active ingredients and what do they do?

The active ingredients are the ingredients in your skincare products that address a certain skin concern. Active ingredients are scientifically proven to change the skin and give the desired effect to back it up.Imagine the active ingredients as the “warrior” in your skincare product. 

At MDO I make sure to use the best active ingredients in the most effective way possible. Want to see the active ingredients in my Intense Hydrating Moisturizer and the benefits they have?

 Ingredients Intense Hydrating Moisturizer

+  Hyaluronic acid filling spheres: Dehydrated and cross-linked spheres that penetrate the uppermost layer of the epidermis, where they bind water, fill wrinkles and diminish their appearance.

+  Duo hyaluronic acid: The high molecular weight delivers an immediate effect, binds water and creates a film on the surface of the skin in order to sustain moisture, strengthens the skin barrier and forms a "protective wall" that prevents moisture loss.

+  Hexapeptide-8: Immediate and long lasting moisturization, sustained protection, slow release of moisturizing complex into the heart of stratum corneum inside the epidermis.

+  Vitamin E: Support the skin's own protection against environmental damage with its anti-oxidative properties.

+  Natural Oils: the combination of macadamia nut, sesame and avocado oils strengthen and support the skin lipid barrier.

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My silky-smooth Intense Hydrating Moisturizer is the effective daily at-home alternative to dermatological filler treatments. You will see the results right away, be hooked within a week and never switch your hydrating formula again.

I promise this is the best treatment you can find to hydrate your skin with powerful anti-aging effects.


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